360° Virtual Tour

WHY 360º View is Needed ?


Over 90% of Parents search for Local School is online
67% of the Total Search Market belongs to Google.

A Google 360º View(Virtual Tour) can double your impact on Google.

Google is important to your School Online Growth. Our 360 View (Virtual Tours) help you to be in the top of Online Search Market. Smartway Study 360 degree virtual tours helping Schools increase their enrollments, enhance online exposure, boots social media engagement and strengthen their brand.


Smartway Study Affordable 360º Shoot

Higher Enrollments to your School with a 360° virtual tour on
Google Search, Google Maps and Google+ and your website.

Smartway Study is specialized in the creation of 360 degree videos, Photograph and panorama tours. We have been producing interactive virtual reality content for several years. Our professional quality imaging combined with our immersive and interactive 360 degree editing helps increase new Admission, enhance existing Online marketing and it opens up new and exciting opportunities.Our experience allows us to show you the approach and the most advanced visual and technical implementation.

How Does It Help ?


Grow your School

Always be ahead in competition, Involving New Technology in your School like 360 degree virtual Tour, Tells the people your school is future ready. Lets Parents walk around, explore and interact with your School like never before. Make a great first impression & show them how your School looks like.


Boost your Visibility

We Help you to Posting your 360 degree virtual tour Google Search, Maps, Google+, your Website & Social Media and Strengthen your search results & boost your School Rankings in Google, engage interest in your Education Institutions, create a positive brand equity and motivate action from customers.


Increase Enrollments

Parents who looking for best school in new area or want to change current school are totally impressed by your school after viewing a virtual tour or video. 360 Degree School View not only provide knowledge about your location, but it also gives the parents an idea of School Facilities, Classrooms, Security and more.

Super Cheap & Top Quality
360 Degree Shoot