Bulk SMS

  Why Bulk SMS ?

Schools today face many challenges that require quick and mass coordination with individuals and with different groups of entities such as school personnel, students and parents. Often or not, the population may range above tens of thousands due to the nature of this industry. In times of emergency or during a school event, the ability to communicate and coordinate information to be disseminate quickly would be a key to efficiency, safety and in mobilising of the school population as and when needed.

Information Type Send By SMS

  • Absenteeism Reports/Alert.
  • Attendance Daily/Monthly.
  • Function Invitation
  • Fee Dues
  • Fee Schedules
  • Exam Marks
  • Exam Schedules
  • Bus Schedule alerts
  • Bus Cancellations, Late Arrivals
  • Advertisements Admissions
  • School Festivals,
  • New Facility/Program.
  • Emergency Messages
  • Parents Teacher Meetings
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Updates Unit Test Results etc.

What We Have ?


Transactional SMS

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Promotional SMS


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Example Templates

  • Dear parent, your Son/Daughter ___________, is absent today for Classes. Plz contact us a reason for absence.
  • Dear Parents, the School/College is closed today because of _______. The classes will start has normal on ______. Thanks. Principal.
  • Your Son/Daughter has secured 1st Class in their 10th Final Exams. Marks Secured are ;LAN:070;ENG:082,MAT:087,SCI:075;SST:084. Total: 398/500.
  • Parents of are requested to come and meet the Principal regarding the Examination RESULTS of your Ward on
  • Dear Parents, the School is organizing a Special tour for students of all Classes on & the FEES is RS 500/-. Please see that your Ward participates.
  • The is proud to announce that our Teacher Mr/Ms. has got the President award for best teacher. Principal
  • The takes immense pleasure in announcing that our 10th Std & 12th Std Students have got 100% First Class & aggregate of 85%
  • The School is very happy to announce that our School Cricket team has won the State level Championship for 3rd year consecutively.
  • The is organizing its Annual Alumni meeting on of all Students who have passed out of our Institution in the last 10 years. You are invited.

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