School Branding


‘Smartway Study’ Branding Program Designed
Exclusively for School and Playways

Branding professional services, different for marketing. Most Companies are just doing marketing, so they usually follow a familiar formula — offering similar services to similar audiences.
At Smartway Study, we use our industry-leading research, School Growth Algorithm. we’re able to deliver professional branding services specially made for schools which make that education institutions look and sound like leaders in region.

Whether you like it or not, your school already has a brand. How your school is perceived by its customers ultimately creates that brand, so if those perceptions are poor or no longer represent your vision, you need to change them.

Providing a Full Branding Service
With Effective Results

Building Unique and Lasting impressions through School branding

We can produce everything you need to market your school, enhance your school’s environment or communicate with pupils, students, parents and the wider world. From a one off project to a complete brand review, we can advise you at a strategic level, creating bespoke marketing and communications designed to deliver results.

From the initial consultation our approach is collaborative – we will work with you, listening to your needs, understand your objectives & offer our advice so that together the school brand reflects the values of your school.

With a full branding service, creating the new design is the catalyst for change and we will help you roll out and communicate the new identity and values across your existing channels and school community.

These are few of benefits you get with our branding team:

A clear definition of who you are and where you need to go

A visual expression of your brand

Responsive Website and Mobile App

Logos, colors, typefaces, imagery, and marketing strategy

A blueprint for future messaging and customer interaction

Increased real and perceived brand value

Greater recognition, recall, and familiarity

Brand Analysis

We start the process with an unbiased and honest assessment of your existing brand, so you can determine how your school is currently perceived by its customers. This would include research, competitor analysis, challenges and threats etc. Only once you understand your perceived strengths and weaknesses, can you accurately gauge your place amongst your competition.

  • Your School

  • School A

  • School B

*First choice for reception admissions

We Combine Strategy, Brand and Digital

Experiences to create Brands People Love.



Smartway Study get inside the heads and hearts of your target audience and study market dynamics.


Content Creation

We art direct and produce photoshoots, video projects, and marketing materials to fully realize your brand.


Visual Identity

Smartway Study design iconic logos and visual identities that cut through the noise and express who you are.


Web & Digital

We design and build beautiful sites that connect with your audience, where you can express your services.


Smartway Study Exclusive Plan Covers

We won’t know what you need until we get to know you. In the meantime,
Here are a few typical services we consider:


School Research
Parents Research
Students Research
Competitor Research
Industry Research
Area Research
Income Research


Brand Rollout Plan
Online Marketing
Offline Marketing
Social Marketing
Local Marketing

Brand Identity

Map Place
Corporate Colors
Stationery Suite
Style Guidelines

Brand Tools

School Video
Info sheets
Email Template
Print Ads
PowerPoint Template
Pitch Deck

Don’t Wait Make Your School like a Exclusive Brand