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Smartway Study Exclusive Mobile Apps
For Everyone in Your School

Mobile Apps plays a vital role in any business towards productive growth. So Smartway Study Offers Mobile apps for Parents, Students, Teacher, Principal, Administrator, Van Driver in Both Android and IOS(Apple) Platform. We follow the latest Google Material UI Guideline to make our app Elegant, Easy to use and bug-free.

Smart Student & Parents App

Smartway Study App Help to Parents/Student Get always connected to the school effectively and easily at anywhere. In the app, Parent can Monitor Student’s Progress and Academic Reports , Frequent interaction with teachers, Track all Activities and Events of the School, Get notified about Exams, Fee Dues, Van tracking and other alerts instantly.

  • Homework
  • Attendance
  • School Gallery
  • Events and Functions
  • Class Timetable
  • Circular & Assessment
  • School Calendar
  • Urgent Notices
  • Test Reports
  • Classmate & Teachers
  • School Notifications
  • Academic Progress
  • Fee Details
  • Van Tracking
  • Answer Poll Question
  • Exam Date-sheet
  • Holiday and Festival
  • Classmate Birthday
  • Live Learning Video
  • Online Library

Smart Teacher App

Smartway Study Teacher App Provide many feature like Submit class Homework with attachment, Upload Gallery, Submit Student Result, Check Payslips and more. Teacher Can also complete given task by administration and communications between any parents or student and also give reply to administrator Message.

  • Daily Homework
  • Upload Gallery
  • Create New Event
  • Submit Result
  • Check Payslips
  • Class Information
  • Attendance History
  • Academic Works
  • Administration task
  • Classroom Details
  • Student Profiles
  • School Calendar
  • Curricular Management
  • Message to Parents
  • School Reminder
  • Better communications
  • Daily Framework
  • Student Reports
  • Marks management
  • Submission of assignments

Super Smart Principal App

Being a principal has its challenges. It is not an easy profession. Smartway Study Super Smart Principal App helps to do most of your academics work in your mobile phone. Principal Can Send Message to all school or even specific class or section, Check School Overview of attendance, fees, Due, Inventory, result and more.

  • School Overview
  • Teacher Details
  • Student Details
  • Attendance Details
  • Transport Details
  • Fee Details
  • Send Message to all
  • Inventory Status
  • Enrollments Status
  • Leave & Substitutions
  • Payroll
  • Check Past Data
  • Assign Task
  • Communication to Anyone
  • Generate Deep Reports
  • Track Revenue
  • Set Curriculum
  • Connect Multiple Divisions
  • Manages School Activities
  • Manages School work-flow

Smart Coordinator App

School coordinators are one of the main parts of the school to perform a few dozens of daily tasks and hundreds of records to update. Smartway Study coordinators or may called admin app is fulfilling almost administrative or non- administrative works in the mobile app to deliver the best learning experience to their students and Runs School Smother.

  • Create School Activities
  • Maintain School work-flow
  • Adjust Curriculum
  • Assign Tasks
  • Track Inventory
  • Transport Scheduling
  • Adjust Payroll
  • Check Reports
  • Track Extensive
  • Leave & Substitutions

Smart Driver App

Smartway Study Driver app helps you track live vehicle location real-time information. No need for external hardware to track Vehicle because the hardware has maintenance and AMC issues, our app can do more than the device. Easier to use, and cost saving. It’s also the alert the driver if something happened or going to happen.

  • Live Tracking
  • Check Van Details
  • Student Details
  • Reminder Options
  • Driving Track
  • Tax Reminder
  • Insurance Reminder
  • Start/Stop Option
  • Easy Login
  • Low Data Usage

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